The goal of project ZERO was to build a perfect supercar. Lightweight and with high performance, easy to drive and with very low maintainance. It was designed to come in three versions: a pure and high competitive race car, a arrive-and-drive track-tool and a luxurious, street legal supercar.


To achive this goal, JP ZERO is based on a super-lightweight Lotus chassis, equipped with a full carbon bodywork and a heavily optimised version of the very reliable Lotus 3.5 V6 engine. In combination with the optional dual clutch gearbox a ZERO can stay up to 100 hours on track without any major maintainance. Depending on the individual preferences/version a ZERO can deliver 460 to 740 bhp.

610 hp
960 kg
635 Nm
DCT Gearbox
3.5l V6
Toyota base engine
331 km/h


sheer power

With JP ZERO we have built the race car we always wanted. Ultra-lightweight, high performance, ultra reliable and very low maintainance. We've been working for decades on Lotus-cars, this is why we have decided to found our race-car on the fantastic chassis of the Lotus Exige.

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JP ZERO comes in three versions: RACE, TRACK and STREET. Each of them is handbuilt in Austria an limited to 20 units per version. First deliveries of ZERO race and ZERO track will take place in Spring 2021, ZERO Street will be shipped in Spring 2022.


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  • Units built: 20
  • Engine: LOTUS 3.5 V6
  • Power: 550 hp SC
  • Gearbox: 7-speed DCT
  • Full Carbon Bodywork

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from 249.000 € 
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  • Units built: 20
  • Engine: LOTUS 3.5 V6 
  • Power: 610 hp twin-turbo
  • Gearbox: 7-speed DCT or 6-speed sequential gearbox
  • Full Carbon Bodywork

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from 289.000 € 
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  • Units built: 20
  • Engine: LOTUS 3.5 V6
  • Power: 740 hp twin-turbo
  • Gearbox: 7-speed DCT
  • Full visible Carbon Bodywork
  • Luxurious interieur

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from 650.000 € 
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As a race driver you can rent one of our JP ZEROrace for full seasons or single events in different tournaments across Europe. You can book an arrive-and-drive package which comes with a fully equipped pit crew and if you want one of our test-drivers to optimise your setup and driving skills. A JP ZERO is also bookable for special events, promotion or filming.



JUBU Performance will run two JP ZEROrace in different series in Europe from 2021 on. There are various options to do a sponsorship and/or advertise on our cars and teamwear. We also support you with professional PR and our media channels if you become a sponsor of the JUBU racing team. JUBU also offers race-workshops and incentives for companies. Just contact us to discuss the possibilities.



Our company, specialised in motorsport engineering is growing fast and always open for strategic investments. If you want to take part in our company inquire now to discuss options and details.


the team

Zero Team

At the moment we are a experienced team of 20+ engineers, mechanics and designers. We are specialised in motorsport development and growing fast. If you want to join our team, just inquire now! 

press & media

Please find all news and pictures of JP ZERO in the download-section below. All texts and pictures provided can be used free of charge. We are also open for test drives for press and media, just contact us.